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Facial Mesotherapy

Medications in facial mesotherapy blended in small volumes directly injected subcutaneously and over the dermal surface.


Facial Mesotherapy

What does facial mesotherapy represents?  

Medications in facial mesotherapy blended in small volumes directly injected subcutaneously and over the dermal surface. Eventually mesotherapy cutaneous efficient agents gives out benefits in a short time. Moreover, since the medications are delivered infinitesimally adverse affects of the administrated substances are alleviated. Facial mesotherapy replenishing the face, efficient in dermal wrinkles and prolapses known as natural and beneficial component.

How the facial mesotherapy gives out outcomes?  

In facial mesotherapy methodology facially replenishing hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids applied subcutaneously by small needles. Direct penetration of those beneficial ingredients over the skin and dermal stimulation multiplies dermal collagen and elastin reproduction in association with skin humidification and dermal revitalization.

How facial mesotherapy is implemented?  

In facial mesotherapy before the onset of operation the dermal margin is decontaminated and disinfected. Half an hour before the operation anaesthetic cream may be penetrated. In facial mesotherapy formulated blend is injected subcutaneously or over the skin via infinitesimal and thin injection needles.

How often facial mesotherapy is applied?.  At the onset facial mesotherapy is applied in 1-4 weeks intervals. On average following 4-6 seasons may be repeated in every 3-6 months. Outcomes of facial mesotherapy are observed after the second season. Upon the completion of the therapy facial reinvigoration effects keeps on.

Can facial mesotherapy method synchronised with alternative treatment facilities? Facial mesotherapy associated with dermal invigorating laser, radiofrequency or IPL enables much more efficient outcomes. Post and pre-filling operations facial mesotherapy surgery seriously withdraws dermal prolapses.

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