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Youth Vaccine

Youth Vaccine is the process of injecting hyaluronic acid, amino acids and certain minerals to increase the moisture capacity of the skin.


Youth Vaccine

Juvenile vaccination refers to medical-cosmetic vaccination to cure deformations, wrinkles and prolapses on the people’s skin, as a result of time impact.

What is Juvenile Vaccination?

Fundamental of the therapy is cutaneous applied “hyaluronic acid”. Most commonly found on infant skin “hyaluronic acid” creates skin humidification, brightness flexibility and vivid nature. Also collagen which is lost by the skin on time since known as the constructive component when injected to the skin allows humid form and bright appearance on the skin, on the other hand, initiating collagen production effects to form healthy and stiff dermal conditions. Treatment based on dermal formed “renewal” and “recovery” on the tissues referred as “juvenile vaccination”.

What Is The Quality of Hyaluronic Acid Applied in the Therapy?

In juvenile vaccine (IAL-System) treatment during injection non-animal form pure hyaluronic acid is implemented. Naturally, for support to hyaluronic acid found in skin but throughout the time deregulating in tissues as a result of performed injection anti-oxidant effect allowing acid recover the humidification lost by the person on skin, brightness, elasticity and vitalization.

How Juvenile Vaccination (IAL-SİSTEM) Is Applied?

Juvenile vaccination, at the end of local anaesthesia applied over the injected margin applying very thin needles to the subcutaneous segment actualized in 15-20 minutes time period.

When The Effects of Juvenile Vaccine (IAL-SİSTEM) Is Observed And How Long Lasts?

Among the 30 – 35 years of age individuals dermal deformations proportion is lower, in that course, following the onset of application in 15 days intervals 2 more season application found adequate. Most efficient outcomes of the application provided in the first three months. To sustain the provided vitalization effect every 3-6 months seasonal applications continues. In the later ages from the first 2 seasons after 30 days proliferating hyaluronic acid resistance to pull down wrinkle formations IAL System ACP application may be useful.

In Which Regions Juvenile Vaccination (IAL-SYSTEM) Is Implemented?

– Forehead
– Mid Brows
– Eyes Circumferential
– Mouth Circumferential
– Face
– Neck
– Low cut
– Hand surface

What are the Juvenile Vaccine (IAL-SYSTEM) Application Benefits?

Efficient especially exposition to solar detrimental effects, smoke and alcohol use associated causes for the elimination and preventions of early damages over the dermal tissue.

From the 20 years of age it is applicable method for the entire dermal types.

In examination conditions, local anaesthesia and procedures included completed in 1 hour, practical and applicable method even in launch break time periods.

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