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Non-surgical face lift

For years, oppose the methods of non-surgical face lift.


Non-surgical face lift

Non-Operative Rhytidoplasty (Silhoutte Soft)
Non-operative rhytidoplasty is achieved by various technology product melting surgery suture insertion over the different dermal layers. Especially, in the correction of timely lost facial counter, in the triggering dermal positive restructuring and as a result also by the tension effect of sutures volumetric losses may be smoothed.

1.What Does Silhoutte Soft Represents?
Over the face and body tissue elongation and suspension applications one of the applied silk system refers to Silhoutte-Soft. These sutures by tissue oriented silks are applied only by the way of local anesthesia over the applied region. These sutures due to application facilities are applicable in examination conditions in sterile form. Predominantly in face and neck region chest and waist are among the frequent application segments. That lasts around 45 minutes. In that respect, even may be used in such a short time like mid-day breaks. Hospitalization, resting and medical dressing are not required. After the application, patient in 2-3 days may return back to normal life. It is applied as single season and patient may observe the outcomes.

2.How the Silhoutte Soft application period must be processed?

Silhouette soft, without the risk of hospitalization under segmental anesthesia actualized in 1 season. Operation for face shorter than 45 minutes; for neck lasts shorter than 25 minutes. Silhouette soft operation may be synchronized with the other aesthetic surgeries.

3.How long Silhouette Soft operational outcomes continue ?

Clear Silhoutte Soft treatment aesthetic benefits keep on in between 18-24 months. Right upon the completion gains are provided and effects are long-life. Personal age and lifestyle are influential over the endurance of aesthetic outcomes.

4. What Are The Important Characteristics of the Finalization of Silhoutte Soft Operation?

Right upon the completion of treatment you can turn to your normal activities. But, exercise and facial massages are recommended to be avoided.

5. What are the application regions apart from facial segment?

In recent years, used in the purpose of giving fullness to arms, abdominal portion, low-cut area, neck, hip and breasts and for elevation of hips and breasts.

6.What Are The Non-Facial Applied Regions?

In recent years used for the elevation of abdominal area, arm, low-cut region, neck and breast oriented regions.

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