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Termed as melanosit cellular produced and injecting its own colour on our skin one of the component melanin over the stained penetrated segments conserved in excessive volumes over the normal quantity.


Spot Treatment

Stain Therapies

Cosmelan – Dermamelan

Termed as melanosit cellular produced and injecting its own colour on our skin one of the component melanin over the stained penetrated segments conserved in excessive volumes over the normal quantity. Excessive melanin multiplication is correlated to widespread of causes. Among them the most important one solar thus ultraviolet rays. Moreover, genetic proximity, pregnancy, medications, some disorders and cosmetic formations are also cause factors for staining.

1.What are Cosmelan – Dermamelan ?

Cosmelan-Dermamelan is one of the most efficient methods associated to double staining. Applied as stain musk.

2.How Cosmelan Derma Melan impact?

Cosmelan and Dermamelan also contains considerably low peeler substance. Stain therapies based on these products are less harmful compare to alternative peeling methods. For all dental forms applicable in all seasons. It is free from trichloroacetic acid and other peeling acids, therefore, contains minimal adverse affect risks.   Do not cause dermal scars but inflammations and mild peeling are expected. Rarely, causative for oedema on sensitive skin forms. Usually, in 85-90% rate response are expected in 2-4 weeks. Finally, helps to create bright, purified and eliminated skin from all stains in several months.

3.What are the effects of Cosmelan and Dermamelan?

Very reliable and efficient in stain therapy.

Makes up shining looking on the skin.

Applied pain free.

Gives out outcomes very soon.

Including sensitive skins applicable for all types of dermal forms.

Contains very mild peeling agents, in due course, possesses minimal adverse effects.

Applicable in all seasons annually.

Its outcomes are approved.


On the skin based on the principles of controlled damage formation formulated dermapen therapy system selected in America as the most significant dermal invigoration system. In experienced such dermal problems termed as mesotherapy dermal surface medication injection system applied by specialists commonly. Dermapen system entire dermal therapeutic medications may be administrated in combination with vitamins and prp. Administered medication, vitamin and in prp application used by derivation from our own blood enabling entire dermal absorption Dermapen system by that property maximizes the efficacy of all solutions and in association with those qualities appears as very efficient therapy methodology.

1.What Is Dermapen Based Dermal Replacement Operation?

Dermapen pre-operatively considerably dermal make up residues are purified and the skin is disinfected seriously.. Dermapen device ultra thin micro needles (0.02 mm) penetrating and departing to skin in vertical direction deeply via microscopic channel channels over the dermal surface dermal curing mechanisms are stimulated. In Dermapen treatment injection depth is adjusted by your physicians according to therapy applied margin.

Post-operatively tranquilizer peptide musk is given to person. Dermapen operation approximately completed in 30 and 40 minutes throughout that period for dermal strength, elasticity indispensable collagen and elastin synthesis acquisition and enhancement of blood circulation are said to have been realized.

2.What Are The Effect Segments of Dermapenin?

  • Treatment of acne and its scars.
  • Contraction interference of widened pores.
  • Treatment of solar based degenerated skins.
  • In the treatment of hair loss and hairlessness.
  • In the use of experienced disorders in eyes and circumferential region (purple and pouch formation).
  • Over the neck and low-cut sections moderate wrinkles and prolapses.
  • In Stria (formed Cracks) therapy.
  • In the alleviation of thin lining formations and composed deep wrinkles.
  • In the therapy of scar (Bad scar recoveries).
  • In verruca therapies.

3.Dermapen Therapeutic Period

Dermapen dermal replacement therapy period, based on multitude applications exhibits positive outcomes in very short time. Implementation phases refers to a very sensitivity requiring treatment facility. Tissue loss on any portion on the body or over margins experiencing very different problems applied very practically. Over the     Dermapen treatment method exposed dermal region tissue developments onset precipitates and finalises in a shirt time. Therapy method, without any diversification of man and woman also known as a therapeutic method convenient for all types of skins.

Following the completion therapy period also recovery period lasts very short. That is known as one of the property luring the therapeutic method. In the way, over the treatment applied margin collagen production is renewed and vascular activities progresses in association faster accelerated functioning. Dermapen therapy method approved by CE and FDA institutions.

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