Hair Transplantation

PRP Assisted Hair Transplantation

PRP Assisted Hair Transplantatio which is performed during hair transplantation, is a method that is applied with the aim of wound healing and speed up hair growth after implantation process


PRP Assisted Hair Transplantation

Faster results by PRP assistance!

RPR commissioned during hair transplantation, right after the transplantation application intended as a methodology searching out to enable recovery of the scars and to hasten hair growth. The target focused by PRP treatment is reinvigoration of hair follicles which are started to loss and loose healthy composition. Over the individuals undergone PRP application hair loss attenuation and enlargements of hair strands over the applied segment were observed.

  1. What is PRP?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is performed by means of solving enhanced growth factors in our blood in association with injection of growth factor portion over the under tissues. That application executed by our physician is applied as a therapy during the pre and post hair implantation.

  1. What are the adverse effects of PRP?

Since PRP is based on sample person’s own blood, none of any allergic reaction or infection possibilities exist. Owing to gaining from growth factors in our blood and none of any additive agent is penetrated PRP application is an applicable method for you.

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