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Hand Rejuvenation

Try the hand rejuvenation methods to regain the fuller and smooth hands in the youth.


Hand Rejuvenation

Hands are our organs most remarkably reverberating our age. As the goes on subcutaneous tissue over the hand depreciate, skin gets thinner, vessels clarifies, staining on the skin intensifies. Usually to have vivid and smooth hands Plastic Surgery offers diversified alternatives.

What Are The Hand Rejuvenation Operations?

Purpose of hand rejuvenation relies on the replacement of deformed subcutaneous tissue on hand, to prosper the quality of thinned and ruined skin and to eradicate the spotting on dermal segment. To plump the subcutaneous portion over the dorsum of the hand oil and cell injections, filling applications may be incorporated. To prosper dermal quality and humidification pure hyaluronic acid and PRP applications may be performed. Dermal spots may be eradicated by chemical peeling or abrasion.

Who are the expected candidates for hand rejuvenation?

Hand rejuvenation operations are available for all patients reverberating aging symptoms on their hands. Aging associated varying hand symptoms are issued down:

  • Subcutaneous tissue loss: Due to subcutaneous oil tissue loss on the back of the hand the skin gets widens and wrinkles, veins and bones clarifies.
  • Dermal dilution and corrosion: Skin dries, wrinkles and dilutes, earns an easily lacerative shape like a parchment.
  • Dermal spotting: Over the back portion on hand also termed as aging spots brown, red spots develops. They are the formed due to solar damages and some parts may have risk to form dermal cancer.

How hand rejuvenation operations are applied?

Hand rejuvenation operations may be grouped under three headlines such as replacement of lost subcutaneous oil tissue, to foster dermal quality and eliminations of spot formations.

  • Oil injections: Oil tissue discharged from the body is intensifies after several operations and penetrated on dorsal hand. By the penetrated oil tissue while the soft tissue loss is restored, in condensed oil tissue contained stem cells allows dermal reinvigoration and restoration.
  • Filling applications: Oil injection may be substituted by filling operation as a more practical implementation. Hyaluronic acid applications are executed in office environment and sustains over one year.
  • Dermal humidification applications: During the time process to humidify and enrich the internally dried skin from the inside pure hyaluronic acid injections (Hydrate) are incorporated. For frequent application of these treatments once a year 4 times in two weeks intervals is significant for conservation of hand robustness.
  • PRP operations: By phlebotomy from the patient growth factors are taken out and purified and injected to subcutaneous margin. That operation revitalize tissues. PRP applications being actualized exclusively also available for consumption in combination with fatty and hyaluronic acid applications.
  • Micro-abrasion: Via the support of high-speed special nozzles spots on dorsal hand are removed. That pain-free operation are carried in office conditions by the use of narcotic creams.
  • Chemical peeling: Thinn wrinkles are discharged via peeling by diluted acids over the dorsal hand.

Do hand rejuvenation applications dependant on anaesthesia?

Fatty injections in surgical operation room environment and under local aesthesia –sedation. Entire alternative interferences are conducted by local anaesthetic substances in office environment.

How long hand rejuvenation operations are lasted?

Fatty injections normally implemented in 1 hour. Operations held in office conditions lasts half an hour.

Are hand rejuvenation operation painful?

Hand rejuvenation operations are pain free and actualized under local anaesthesia.

What are the experienced outcomes following hand rejuvenation applications?

Following the oil injections patients may be discharged to their homes. Several days swelling and purpling may be experienced. Patient may take bath in the forthcoming day.

What are the expected frustrations after hand rejuvenation?

Applied oil injections and filling applications may fail to realize expected exuberance. In these conditions additional operations are expected.

Are long-lasting outcomes provided upon the completion of hand rejuvenations? 

After the fatty injections somewhat volumetric loss is possible, however usually targeted exuberance is allowed at once. During the oil injections injected stem cells create sustainable renewal over the hand skin stem cells.

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