Hair Transplantation

PRP Hair Treatment

PRP hair treatment is generally used to revitalize lifeless, thin-wire and weak hair, to reduce hair loss in people who have genetic hair loss, and to treat this problem for people with blanched or oily hair.


Hair Therapeutic Methods

PRP hair therapy usually known as therapeutic method in the course of revitalizing sluggish, thin thread, loosen hair loss over the genetic hair loss problem undergoing persons, to eliminate dandruff or oily form hairy individual’s disturbances.

Post operatively hairs starts to develop and strengthen again. In hair loss remarkable attenuation is observed. Hair colour and brightness starts to foster.  If the treatment is renewed every two weeks, following the three months PRP hair therapy expected outcome shall be succeeded doubtlessly. From now on once a year repeated RPR hair therapy shall offer us lifelong healthy and abundant hairs.

  1. What does PRP Therapy refers to?

PRP (platelet rich plasma) methodology; in blood possessing growth factor relies on the implementation of protein rich components. That ingredient is efficient in dermal and hair revitalization.

  1. How PRP Therapy is implemented?      

10 cc Volumetric amount released from the patient’s blood selected for Prp therapy in a special machine being centrifuged red portion and plasm portion are decomposed from each other. In blood carried white blood cells, thrombocyte and thrombocyte penetrated growth factors are injected by micro needles over the diluted and hairless margin. Logic of the application is focused on tissue and cellular regeneration. In that method creating none of any pain none of trace also emerges.

  1. When the outcomes of PRP Hair Therapy Gives Out Outcomes?

PRP therapy is applied over the seasonal intermittence prescribed by physicians. Usually, up to 1-6 seasons recommended. From the initial season outcomes are observed.

Hair mesotherapy is applied on hairy cutaneous to prevent hair loss, to enrich present hair quality and to reinforce the present hair.

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