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PRP Application

Rejuvenate your skin with PRP Application.


PRP Application

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) method is applied in the therapy of wrinkles, dermal renewal, cicatrix and acne scar and hair losses. Searching out to reinforce the efficiency of PRP therapy special kit use is anticipated. 

1.What is P.R.P.?

Thrombocyte responsible for blood clotting is one of fundamental blood cell. With blood clotting function its contribution to restoration and recovery process led PRP to be selected in widespread of therapies.

2.What Is The Purpose of P.R.P. Application?

To restore the damaged tissues containing the “required growth” factors in its metabolism blood components thrombocytes upon the event of damages over the tissues accumulating to these tissues launches a recovery process. PRP application targeted to penetrate plenty of platelet that are spread out to target tissue via blood circulation. PRP associated provided platelet density since 2-4 folds over than volumes deposited in blood in post-PRP operation damages tissue recovery initiates rapidly and in strengthen manner.

3.In What Way P.R.P.-based Dermal Reinvigoration Allowed?

In association with aging plenty of physical dermal variations are emerged. These leads to inflammatory signs on the skin and also in their solutions therapies oriented to these outcomes are applied. Dermal revitalization and scar treatments are the similar therapies in that respect. Upon the completion of the laser and peeling applications toward the skin surface oriented to moderate level damages growth factor recovery period is reinforced. Dermocosmetic agents in the same way allows the recoveries of dermal recovering agents or synthetically derived growth factor recovery period. A structure potential to recover a dermal scar in the most efficient, fastest and most natural form again known as the sub-component of a whole skin structure, in that respect, plasm application has been sophisticated as a methodology activating that potential circulating in out vessels.

4.How Is The P.R.P.-Based Dermal Revitalization Process Works Out?

Blood taken out from the person via a special centrifugal and purification process decompose platelet rich segment in blood. That portion is reinjected to treated margin. So that, over the injection margin intensified growth factor shall be released. These allows the recoveries of scars, wrinkle, acne traces problems as the dermal problems substantially and revitalize the skin.

5.In What Way PRP Is Operated?

Applied in the form of Filling Injection and Mesotherapy. Also, it may be composed as a mask and cream form.

6.How Long PRP Seasons Are Lasted?

Age-related hair loss progression expected patients or entirely terminated patients also evaluated.  Since during the age of 40s hair loss is completely vanished in single season to gain the most efficacy outcomes that is known as the ideal age. In some cases to avoid 2. and 3. seasons it is recommended to wait for patient’s hair loss finalization.

7.In Which Cases P.R.P. Associated Cellular Renewal Treatment Is Efficient?

Over the face, neck, arms, hands, leg internal sections and likewise low cut body sections aesthetic intended post-laser and post-peeling treatments enable rapid dermatologic revitalization.

Over the long years subject UV ray exposition correction of dermal wrinkles, elimination of hollows recovery of flexibility and brightness,

In some scar, breakage and dermal composition injury cases in where recovery takes long time to allow control,

Moreover, in hair therapy as well as being convenient for exclusive implementation it may be applied for assistance in favour of alternative methodologies.

9.When The Outcomes of P.R.P. Treatment Is Emerged?

From the onset application, over the skin increasing healthy and bright appearance originated. Outcomes arises from the 3. and 4. applications. Outcomes that shall be provided from the 3rd and 4th applications keeps up their effects by concurrent cures applied in 10-12 months intervals.

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